YZIS PROD. is an association law 1901 created by 2014.
At its origin, 3 young french who have joined together to create the event of dance: HipHop Vs Krump.
The first 2 editions, achieving notable success, the project to organize a dance event developed in associative project.
YZIS PROD. aims to register in the history of French urban cultures and to open his latest young audiences.
Several activities animate the life of the association:
  • The International Battle: HipHop VS Krump
  • Krump Workshops: dance classes Krump cough levels.
  • Enhance the artistic career of streetdancers.
  • Participate in humanitarian and charitable events.
2015 marks a turning point for YZIS PROD. as more members participate in the development of these activities and new opportunities.
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